Your page is getting even l  o  n  g  e  r  ! It's time to break it up into several smaller chunks. We start by creating a style sheet to maintain a consistent appearance across our pages.

Use File->New and choose Blank Document, to create a file for your style sheet. With your tutorial also open, cut the block of styles from it and paste the styles into the new file. Remove the surrounding style and /style tags. The new file now contains just the style definitions, from that of BODY downwards.

The tutorial file has lost all its styles, but we can restore them by typing the following line in just before the /head tag.

<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="myhstutorstyles.css">

Then save the new file as myhstutorstyles.css and the tutorial as myhstutorp1.html.

The filename extension .css stands for cascading style sheet. Notice the reference to this .css file in the link tag of the new tutorial file.

Try out your new tutorial. It should look exactly the same as before (boring!!!). If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have written your first style sheet.

Finish by copying in the text of this section, codesec6.html, into your Page 1 html file and linking it to your Contents List.