Next we make a separate index page for the Contents List.

Open a new default template, by selecting File->New and the relevant wizard. Copy the Header details from Page 1 to the new file, replacing the default Header provided. Change its Title to My HomeSite Tutorial Index

Now copy the initial text, down to the end of the Contents List, from Page 1 into the new Index page between the body and /body tags. Save your index page as index.html. Note that the index page is always called index.html if the site is to be uploaded to the Internet.

Change Contents to Contents List in your Index page, save it, and then examine it in various browsers to make sure it looks right.

In Page 1, edit the tag for the second Return to Contents List link, to reference your index page. Change #contents-list to index.html#contents-list. Also, in the Index page, change the reference to #anchor-one to myhstutorp1.html#anchor-one. This makes the index link to Page 1, and at the end of the section, Page 1 returns to the Index page.

Press Save All on the main menu bar (most important!!!). Close Page 1 so that only the Index is in the editor window and then test your new links. If all works under Netscape and IE 5, validate your document saving any changes you have to make.

You can then repeat this for all the other links between the pages, to give a fully working Index page.

Now you can copy in the file codesec7.html, containing this section, just before the /body tag and make a contents list entry for it, using the methods you have just learnt.

Finally, if time permits, decide if there are any other pages you would like to split off and load separately. The smaller the page loaded, the faster your reader can load it!!!