Internet Connection in the UK Home 1995 - 2004


Here I publish my records of Internet connection in UK homes. The chart may be of

interest to a teacher wishing to illustrate this kind of economic behaviour or to plot

some real data on a scattergraph. It may also be of interest to researchers in this



My records go back to 1995, shortly after Microsoft began bundling Internet Explorer

as a free web browser.

Thanks to Ariadne for this early picture


The following sources have contributed and I acknowledge them here. Thank you.

Virtual Surveys Ltd, Royal Society of Medecine Press, BBC On-line, OfTel (now OfCom) and

The Office of National Statistics (ONS).


A few values early on on the graph have been interpolated, as reliable data was scarce

before 1998. A trendline has been automatically generated by the spreadsheet

software. Also, a measure of statistical confidence in the trendline has been added.


Here is the chart.